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Curated Stock Elements for Video Creators

Quickly find the perfect lens flares, animated mattes, transitions, glitches, and more.

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Explore hundreds of elements in Stunning HD, 4K, and 5K resolution.

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Our goal with CreatorVault

We value quality over quantity. Instead of the usual overcrowded "packs" that plague our industry, we offer smaller, curated, collections that meet your quality standards.

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Customers’ story

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We're honored to hear of all the great ways our users are using CreatorVault elements in their projects.

The quality of each new CreatorVault asset is top notch. Seems that a lot of time went into making them very high quality, which is what we have come to expect from ActionVFX.

Will Griffith

Creative Director of Creative Energy

CreatorVault has managed to stay true to the original, impressive quality of the ActionVFX library, making professional, easy-to-use assets available to even more creatives.

Javert Valbarr

VFX Artist at FXhome

The high resolutions with deep color depth allows for substantially better integration with raw footage. The CreatorVault flares come from high-grade anamorphic lenses, and the unmatched quality makes them the best choice for high caliber work. I won't be using anything else in my videos.

Andrew Donoho

VMA Award-Winning Director at Diktator

The plight of a filmmaker is finding the best resources available to tell our stories. ActionVFX changed the game for VFX artists, so it’s not surprising to see that they’ve done it again with CreatorVault.

Danny Shepherd

Co-Founder of Ismahawk